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A New Technique For Obtaining Clues on Unsolved Crime


In 1981, when Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier first lectured at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, her work with police detectives was considered controversial. Now, she is a highly respected psychic detective who has worked on over 600 unsolved cases with city, county, and state Law Enforcement Agencies in 38 states and 9 foreign countries. She has a professional understanding of both the police and the paranormal.

Psychic Services Offered by Noreen Renier

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Noreen never could have known this stuff beforehand and she was so accurate it was chilling."
R. Krolak (Retired Lt. Commander)

quote...She helped to locate a plane containing the body of a relative of an FBI agent."
Robert Ressler (Retired-FBI)
    Whoever Fights Monsters, St. Martin's Press


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Noreen Renier
has often stated a Psychic Detective should be called into an investigation as a last resort, when traditional methods have been exhausted. It's possible that Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier has a key for re-opening your dead-end cases.

She has an impressive track record that includes uncanny success with unsolved homicides and missing persons. Perhaps Psychic Detective Noreen Renier can help you find new leads for your unsolved cases. It is possible that the information she picks up could provide additional clues, or a new perspectives to your unsolved crime.


Psychics do not solve crimes... police do!

Although Ms. Renier cannot guarantee the outcome of a case, rest assured she could guarantee her best possible efforts. It must be understood psychics do not solve crimes... police do! The images or impressions she picks up could provide clues, new information or perhaps a different angle to your unsolved crime. In effect, Noreen Renier is an investigative tool and works directly with law enforcement officers.

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